Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

I was going to try to save all of my Lost-ness for tomorrow, but oh well.
I think we need to keep an open mind concerning the numbers and the names that correspond to them. Mainly the names though. Shepherd isn't necessarily Jack. It could be Christian. And let's not forget that Claire is Jack's sister. So would Jacob have considered her a Shepherd since Christian is her daddy? And Kwon doesn't for sure mean Jin or Sun. It could be their daughter, Ji Yeon, who happened to be conceived on the island -- which I imagine is a pretty big deal. So, let's just keep an open mind.

Moving on!
I would first like to profess my love for Reynolds slow cooker liners. They make doing anything with your crock pot about a billion times easier. I will enjoy my chili even more tonight knowing I don't have to scrub my crock pot. :)

I just finished a really great book called Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin. It's about the girl that inspired Alice in Wonderland and her relationship with Lewis Carroll. I had no idea that Alice's life had been so well documented as to allow for a book like this to be written. It was a really fast read and I thought it was pretty interesting.
I just started reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. I haven't gotten to the gist of what it's about, but I'm 20 pages in and hooked. I'll keep you updated.

Who else is ready for this crappy weather to end? I am very much ready for spring.

Enjoy The Lighthouse tonight...can't wait to see what we find out!

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