Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are you ready?

So this is just my pre Lost post to talk about how excited I am about Lost. Which would be very excited.

Tonight's episode is called The Substitute and if the title doesn't give away who the episode is about, then we have a problem. Since I'm feeling nice, I will tell you it's about Locke. I'm pretty confused about what's going on with him. I guess the smoke monster can take different forms because Locke is definitely dead and hanging out on the sand by the statue. So, tonight we will hopefully get some background on the Locke-ness monster. Very exciting. I really enjoyed last weeks slower pace, but I'm hoping they step it up tonight.

I've been watching as much as the Olympics as I can, which is to say, not much since I work. I caught some of the speed skating over the weekend (big time Apolo Ohno fan here!) and the women's moguls. Men's snowboarding half pipe starts tomorrow night. I watched a little of the luge, but it was hard for me to watch after the Georgian luger who died. 

I had a super fun adventure trying to see Valentine's Day this weekend. We managed to only see half the movie, but that was not our fault.

Speaking of, I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day weekend. I was spoiled with a Sony Reader. As if I didn't already have a massive problem with reading, this just made it that much easier to buy books. N has created an even bigger monster!

Oh! And we never talked about Vampire Diaries! I loved last weeks episode! I could believe Katherine wasn't in the tomb...totally didn't see that one coming! I'm curious to see how/if Bonnie and Elena's relationship changes since Bonnie's grandma died helping Damon. I'm confused as to how Jeremy managed to jump to the conclusion about Ana being a vampire, so I hope we get to find out how that happened. Maybe he read something in the journal and connected it to Ana. Hm. And where is Alaric's wife? She could possibly still be alive (ish) somewhere...maybe her and Damon had a thing.

Let's meet back here tomorrow to discuss Lost, shall we?

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