Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This will be quick...

Haven't updated in a while...sorry!

Just a few quick thoughts about Lost last night...

First off, someone please give Michael Emmerson an Emmy for his performance last night. He was incredible. He has done a great job throughout the show of playing his character. He's the guys your supposed to hate, but I just love him! And I have never felt more sorry for him than I did last night. As much as he has manipulated other people, he was finally ready to admit that maybe he was being played the whole time. Which leads me to my next point!!

Before Ben killed Jacob, he asked him "What about me?", to which Jacob replied "What about you?". We all took this to mean that Jacob really could have cared less about Ben. I have two thoughts on this. One, I'm pretty sure Jacob knew that Flocke and Ben were coming and that Ben would kill him. And after seeing the change in Ben last night, I think Jacob knew that Ben killing him would turn Ben into the kind of person that Jacob always wanted/knew he could be. Or two, that maybe that "what about you" was more of an "I'm sorry, who are you?". Let me explain. Last night we saw substitute teacher Locke feed Ben's dream of becoming the principal. But, was that really Locke? And all the time that Ben claimed that he was carrying out Jacob's orders...was he really? What if the person he believed he was obeying wasn't Jacob at all, but the Man in Black? 
Just a thought. I'm sure I'll get proved wrong on both counts!

Moving on!
I always get really excited whenever Richard pops up. We have learned next to nothing about him. But last night, we learned why he never ages. When Jacob touched him (a billion years ago) he gave him a gift, which appears to be the gift of life. We know who else he touched (Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Sayid, Jin & Sun and Hurley), but I'm wondering if all of their gifts will be the same as Richard's...or has everyone been "gifted" something different?

And when did Jack become such a man of faith? I hope the writers do a bit more to explain his change.

I'm trying to keep this short so I won't get too far into Ben's sideways flash. But I'm curious to know when Ben left the island. Was it before or after Jack & Co. detonated Jughead. I'm waiting to see how this plays out. Anyway, Ben's sideways flash gave us a look at a Ben we have never seen before. He fed his dad organic TV dinners while he switched out his oxygen tank. And Daddy told Ben all about how he wanted so much more for him. No mama drama here! 
I really enjoyed Ben's scene with Ilana. We'll see if they were both being truthful, of if one is trying to con the other. 
And the mini reunion on the beach with Jack, Hurley and Sun. And Frank and Miles. I like seeing the gang get back together. But, I'm getting hungry for a Jin/Sun reunion.

We got our first look at Widmore last night, too. What was he doing in a sub heading towards the island? And what has he been up to? 

I'd love to hear what the 2 of you who read this thought...leave your comments!

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    Me = Lame

    I know, I'm awful. No recap last week. 
    Just a quick list...

    Hurley was in his prime. I loved him telling Dogen off.
    Claire scared the crap out of me. She is definitely off her rocker. 
    Why did Jin say that Kate had Aaron (and then take it back)? We know Kate took Aaron, but how did Jin know?
    Back to Scary Claire, I loved the creepy reveal of "Locke" being her "friend".
    In the Lighthouse, I think Jack saw exactly what Jacob wanted him to see. 
    Also Re: Lighthouse, any thoughts on who Wallace (who was at 108, which is the sum of the numbers) could be?
    This show makes a lot of references to Alice in Wonderland. Sideways Jack was telling his son about how he used to read it to him. We also saw Jack reading it to Aaron in "Something Nice Back Home".
    Speaking of Jack's son, um, what? Where did this kid come from and who is his mama? I know it's someone we've met before. I'm interested to find out who she is. It would be great if it was Juliet and the reason why she wasn't home is because she's out getting that cup of coffee with Sawyer. But that just makes too much sense.

    I'm sure I'm missing a ton of stuff, but a week later, this is all I got! The enhanced version is on at 7 right before the new episode (called "Sundown", no word on which character it focuses on, but I'm hoping for Claire), so I will definitely be watching that.

    In some non Lost news, I've got a fancy new hair cut (pics on Facebook) and am starting a new running program. It's 9 weeks...we'll see if I finish it by then.